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Itouch Air 3 Smart Watch

This 3-in-1 Watch offers a peerless variety of functions and controls for your average busy individual or business owner, the Itouch Air 3 smart Watch grants a heart rate sensor, an Air quality sensor, an and an android or ios device to get you through life's day-to-day tasks. Plus, it comes with an associated black rubber case.

Itouch Air 3 Smart Watch Ebay

The Itouch Air 3 smart Watch is a powerful Watch that offers excellent features for your business, Itouch Air 3 smart Watch provides a wealth of features that make it Air work for your Watch even more. This Watch renders all the features you need to help you keep track of your business events and transactions, the Watch also offers a built-in payments platform that makes it Air work for smart-watches. Biz banking needs, the Itouch Air 3 is a new fitness tracker that presents some top features. One of which is the ability to track your fitness and health data, this Watch also includes a black case with a black mesh strap. The case helps keep the Watch close to your body and makes it straightforward to see data, the Itouch Air 3 smartwatch is a features-packed Watch that will keep you on top of your game! With its user-friendly interface and heart-rate monitor, you'll be able to track your progress and track your fitness. Additionally, the case is kapok rose gold and provides a stylish look, while the strap is a beautiful rose-colored fabric, the Itouch Air 3 fitness Watch is an 3-in-1 Watch that lets you track your fitness and time with one view on your phone. The case is delicately designed with blush straps and a rose gold color, and the Watch is manufactured with a tracking and time movement, the Watch renders an 4 th gen apple Watch series 3 what's included: -itouch Air 3 fitness gold color how to use: to adopt the Itouch Air 3 smart watch, you first need to get the case and strap from the store. Then, you need to connect the Watch to your computer with a charging station and eventually an usb port, the Watch will tell you how much time renders been used and your total time on the go is now! The Watch will track your fitness and time with one view on your phone and let you get alert if you have used the phone more than required.